Bafang Established subsidiary "Bafang Japan Co., Ltd."
 Jul 09, 2020|View:3717

Bafang Electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a global high-tech enterprise that develops and manufactures electric bicycle drive systems and components. It was established in 2003 and is committed to the core technology development of drive systems such as motors, meters, controllers, batteries, and sensors. And obtain its own intellectual property rights, is one of the manufacturers with the core technology of various drive systems.

For more than ten years, Bafang has been focusing on the development of components and complete systems for electric vehicles, and has grown into a global supplier of complete drive systems. In addition to high-quality motors, we also provide a complete set of component products for electric vehicle drive systems. Our product portfolio also includes humanized HMI (Human Machine Interface), reliable storage batteries and sensors. Whether it is a separate component or a complete drive system, Bafang's products can bring users a comfortable riding experience. The use of connecting wires and motor control units (controllers) complete our product range. Chairman and General Manager Wang Qinghua said: "The goal of Bafang is to produce innovative and high-quality products for customers and contribute to the customer's comfortable riding experience. Our employees are committed to this goal, and we bravely face every challenge , Strive to develop new and breakthrough products and set new standards for the industry."

Locates the high-end market, introduces senior European industrial design concepts, and is well-known at home and abroad with high-quality products. Its sales have steadily increased, occupying an important position in the European and American markets, and becoming a leading supplier of in-line drive systems.