Canadian e-bike distributor brings Peugeot
 Jun 03, 2020|View:1839

Canadian e-bike distributor brings Peugeot back after a 20-year absence

MONTRÉAL (BRAIN) — Quantum, a Montréal-based e-bike retailer and manufacturer, is now distributing Peugeot bikes in Canada, where the brand has been unavailable for about 20 years.

Quantum will initially be offering several models of non-electric Peugeots, including a children's balance bike, and expects to begin sales of Peugeot e-bikes in the fall.

Quantum was founded by Robert Guimond, who is the former sales director of a network of 300 e-bike retailers across France. Quantum now operates a store in Montréal and offers several brands of e-bikes including its own brand.

In 2021, Quantum plans to operate two distribution centers in Québec and one in British Columbia, where it will also open a new retail outlet.

"It felt natural for me to work in close collaboration with a French partner that is committed to adapting its bikes to the Canadian market," Guimond said. "And Peugeot is such an iconic brand for Canadians and Quebecers. We all know someone who's ridden a Peugeot! Quantum is very proud to be joining forces with Peugeot Cycles," he said.

This summer, Quantum will offer Canadians three models in its retro-styled Legend line as well as the Draisienne balance bike.